How Much Does it Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro Trek Dates & Prices

So, how much does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro? First and foremost, do not make your decision based on price alone. Price should be only one component of your overall decision. High altitude trekking is not the place to shop for a cheap “deal”, nor is it the place to overpay needlessly. KCC offers a high quality service at a reasonable price.

Kilimanjaro Open Group Climbs

 We run scheduled open group treks throughout the main seasons via the most optimal routes for summit success and acclimatization opportunities. Each group has a maximum of 12 places. We don’t believe in creating large trekking parties as it detracts from the experience. Keeping the party small creates an intimate setting on the mountain, but more importantly ensures proper attention for each and every climber.  A minimum of two persons are required on any open group expedition for it to run.

Rongai 9 Day19-May-1827-May-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day31-May-1810-Jun-18$ 2699ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day09-Jun-1817-Jun-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day12-Jun-1821-Jun-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day16-Jun-1824-Jun-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day23-Jun-1801-Jul-18$ 2299SPECIAL OFFERENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day26-Jun-1805-Jul-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day 30-Jun-1810-Jun-18$ 2699ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day30-Jun-188-Jul-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day02-Jul-1810-Jul-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day10-Jul-1819-Jul-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day13-Jul-1821-Jul-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day14-Jul-1822-Jul-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day22-Jul-1830-Jul-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day28-Jul-1805-Aug-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day 29-Jul-1808-Aug-18$ 2699ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day31-Jul-188-Aug-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day03-Aug-1811-Aug-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day07-Aug-1816-Aug-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day11-Aug-1818-Aug-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day17-Aug-1825-Aug-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day21-Aug-1830-Aug-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day25-Aug-1802-Sep-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day 28-Aug-1807-Sep-18$ 2699ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day30-Aug-1807-Sep-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day31-Aug-1807-Sep-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day01-Sep-1809-Sep-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day04-Sep-1813-Sep-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day08-Sep-1816-Sep-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day14-Sep-1823-Sep-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day15-Sep-1823-Sep-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW

Machame 9 Day - Help Save Elephants
16-Sep-1824-Sep-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day18-Sep-1827-Sep-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day22-Sep-1830-Sep-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day 26-Sep-1806-Oct-18$ 2699ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day28-Sep-1806-Oct-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day28-Sep-1806-Oct-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day02-Oct-1811-Oct-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day06-Oct-1814-Oct-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day12-Oct-1820-Oct-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day13-Oct-1821-Oct-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW

Lemosho 8 Day Charity Trek
13-Oct-1822-Oct-18$ 2250 Special PriceENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day20-Oct-1826-Jul-18$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day04-Dec-1813-Dec-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day08-Dec-1816-Dec-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day17-Dec-1827-Dec-18$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day22-Dec-1830-Dec-18$ 2475ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day26-Dec-1804-Jan-19$ 2425ENQUIRE NOW

Machame 9 Day6-Jan 1914-Jan-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day 6-Jan-1914-Jan-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day09-Jan-1918-Jan-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day26-Jan-1904-Feb-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day02-Feb-1912-Feb-19$ 2980ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day17-Feb-1926-Feb-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day18-Feb-1926-Feb-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day20-Feb-1901-Mar-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day18-Feb-1927-Feb-19$ 2980ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day19-May-1927-May-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day31-May-1910-Jun-19$ 2980ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day09-Jun-1917-Jun-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day12-Jun-1921-Jun-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day16-Jun-1924-Jun-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day23-Jun-1901-Jul-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day26-Jun-1905-Jul-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day 30-Jun-1910-Jun-19$ 2980ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day30-Jun-198-Jul-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day02-Jul-1910-Jul-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day10-Jul-1919-Jul-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day13-Jul-1921-Jul-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day14-Jul-1922-Jul-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day22-Jul-1930-Jul-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day28-Jul-1905-Aug-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day 29-Jul-1908-Aug-19$ 2980ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day31-Jul-198-Aug-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day03-Aug-1911-Aug-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day07-Aug-1916-Aug-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day11-Aug-1918-Aug-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day17-Aug-1925-Aug-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day21-Aug-1930-Aug-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day25-Aug-1902-Sep-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day 28-Aug-1907-Sep-19$ 2980ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day30-Aug-1907-Sep-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day31-Aug-1907-Sep-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day01-Sep-1909-Sep-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day04-Sep-1913-Sep-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day08-Sep-1916-Sep-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day14-Sep-1923-Sep-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day15-Sep-1923-Sep-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day18-Sep-1927-Sep-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day22-Sep-1930-Sep-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Northern 11 Day 26-Sep-1906-Oct-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day28-Sep-1906-Oct-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day28-Sep-1906-Oct-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day02-Oct-1911-Oct-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day06-Oct-1914-Oct-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day12-Oct-1920-Oct-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day13-Oct-1921-Oct-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day20-Oct-1926-Jul-19$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day04-Dec-1913-Dec-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day08-Dec-1916-Dec-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Lemosho 10 Day17-Dec-1927-Dec-19$ 2799ENQUIRE NOW
Rongai 9 Day22-Dec-1930-Dec-19$ 2549ENQUIRE NOW
Machame 9 Day26-Dec-1904-Jan- 20$ 2490ENQUIRE NOW

What`s Included?
  • Return airport transfer from Kilimanjaro International Airport to your hotel
  • Two nights bed and breakfast hotel accommodation
  • An expedition briefing prior to leaving for the mountain
  • Kilimanjaro park entry permits
  • Kilimanjaro park camping permits
  • Mountain rescue permit
  • Helicopter evacuation registration fee
  • Bilingual guides
  • Expedition porters and cooks
  • Expedition food to include a hot breakfast,packed lunch, a hot evening meal and snack food available at camp + hot drinks.
  • Staff transport, meals & wages
  • High quality sleeping tents, 2 persons per tent
  • Mess tent with tables and chairs
  • Safety equipment to include short wave radios, a satellite phone, oxymeters, oxygen cylinder, large expedition first aid kit and means of evacuation.
  • Private Toilet
  • Uhuru or Stella Point certificate of achievement

What`s NOT Included?
  • Return flights to/from Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Entry Visa ($50 Europe/ $ 100 USA) can be obtained on entry
  • Personal travel INSURANCE (specific to high altitude trekking and travel in rural Africa)
  • Gratuities
  • Vaccinations for travel to region

Kilimanjaro Private Climbs

 What if the dates on which I wish to trek are not listed in the table ?

If there are two or more of you, we can arrange a trek for whatever dates you want, and on whatever route you want – for the same price as if you had joined one of the scheduled treks above (and, again, if there are three or more of you it will actually be cheaper than the prices advertised above). Please note that, unless you specify that you want a private trek, we will try to add other trekkers to your party by advertising your climb on this page.