Kilimanjaro Climbing Company

Why climb with us?

Our Services

Our goal at KCC is to cater for individuals, groups or organisations that wish to climb Kilimanjaro. We are based in Tanzania and the UK and have many years of experience organising mountain expeditions on Kilimanjaro. KCC has an abundance of quality mountain equipment and employs some of the most experienced guides on Kilimanjaro.

Our Ethos

The ethos of KCC is to be safe, ethical and environmentally sound when operating on Kilimanjaro. Our policies ensure that we operate as ethically as we can with regards to the local mountain staff and the environment.

Our Ethics

We take porter welfare very seriously. All our porters and cooking staff are paid above the standard rate. We make sure they are properly fed and appropriately equiped. All mountain staff are entitled to medical care. KCC will pay for any hospital treatment required by a member of staff resulting from an accident or illness received while on a KCC expedition. No member of the mountain staff will be asked to carry more than 15kg during an expedition (15kg group gear + 5kg personal gear). Most of our porters and cooks also speak varying degrees of English.

The Environment

The environment is at the core of the Kilimanjaro Climbing Company’s ethos. We understand that the way we carry out our business operations has a direct and indirect impact on Kilimanjaro. KCC adheres to guidelines which have been set to protect natural resources, plants and animals.

Climbing To Save Elephants

Join in with our on going " Climb Kili 4 Elephants" project. Each year we run 4 treks with the aim to raise awareness and funds to help stop the killing of thousands of Elephants for their Ivory. Join one of our treks and get up close to these majaestic animals