Kilimanjaro Equipment List

Kilimanjaro Equipment Guide

What equipment do I need to climb Kilimanjaro?

Having the correct clothing & personal equipment will make your Kilimanjaro climb more enjoyable and comfortable and ultimately increase your chance of a successful summit. 

We are fully aware that with all the different information and Kilimanjaro equipment lists out there, acquiring the correct gear can become very confusing and frustrating. To help you through this aspect of your planning, we would advise you read through our Kilimanjaro Equipment guide.

It is based on our first hand experience and will walk you through the essentials and  “good to have`s” for your trek.

We would hate for any of our climbers to be in a predicament of having forgotten something and so to help you organise your gear and avoiding this situation,  download the KCC Kilimanjaro Equipment Check List and tick off each item as your preparation unfolds. 

KCC´s Kilimanjaro Equipment Guide

Kilimanjaro Clothing

Learn About Layering

Kilimanjaro Footwear

What boots should I wear?

Kilimanjaro Headgear

Protecting your head & face

Kilimanjaro Mountain Equipment

Which equipment is essential?

Kilimanjaro Handwear

Protecting your extremities

Kilimanjaro Accessories

It´s the small things that count!


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